Port Clements

Port Clements is a town of approximately 400 people, who reside in the middle of Graham Island on the archipelago that makes up Haida Gwaii. Port Clements boarders the Kumdis River Slough and the Kumdis Narrows to the east, with the Yakoun River Estuary to the west. Both tidal areas have huge numbers of migrant birds literally year round as well as resident species and a number of delicious trout and salmon.

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Kiidky’aas grew on the bank of the Yakoun until he was cut down in his prime by Grant Hadwin. The young boy was turned into a spruce tree of gold by evil spirits when he disobeyed his tsinni, ((grandfather)) and looked back over his shoulder at a village being abandoned.  The tree (less romantically) could have been seeded by a Sitka Spruce mother, and pollinated by a Sitka Spruce father, growing with a genetic mutation that effect his pigment.  Legends say he will forever grow, return to the earth, and regrow on the banks of the Yakoun River.


The white raven died by electrocution and now rests at the Port Clements logging museum. When Raven first was, the Transformer was born white, he used his supernatural powers to steal the sun, and while escaping from his grandfather, he flew through the smoke hole (chimney) and was burned and coated in soot. While he gained the Sun for all of the planet, he lost his White coat.

Not everything in Port Clements is dead, the small community has a beautiful and top notch elementary school, recently rebuilt to share space with the local seniors, as well as the village council and administrators.  The Yakoun River Inn just a short walk from Bayview Market and Budgies Backpackers complete the downtown core with Harmonies Coffee Shop.  Port Clements also has a gas station on the other side of town, Gas Plus, and a variety of local home based businesses to add to the predominant logging industry.

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