We like to provide custom tours so that each trip down our back roads, over our inlets, and up our beaches are new, exciting, and will provide each tour with exciting new information about Haida Gwaii, our culture, our plants, our animals, and the relationships between them.

My father at Big Tree.

Tours are available for quarter days (2-3 hours)  (50$ per person) half days (4 to 6 hours) ($75 per person) or full days (8-10 hours) ($125 per person.)  Those on time constraints should bring a watch or other time keeping device.  Rain gear, and kayaking gear provided.


Tours are rather customizable and seasonal. Tours may be undertaken by canoe, kayak, automobile or foot.  We hope to be able to offer tours by motorboat in the future.


Tours are given expecting individuals to bring a picnic lunch and snacks, with additional possibilities of adding wild foods to the picnic.

Haida Gwai 0913 2 003


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